Purva Kensho Hills Payment Plan

The Purva Kensho Hills payment plan outlines the short payment schedules that can be made as the project develops. It serves as a step-by-step manual for purchasers submitting payments.

Purva Kensho Hills Quick Facts
Type of Project Apartment
Project Stage New launch
Location S Medihalli ,East Bangalore
Builder Puravankara
Floor Plans 30X40, 30X50, 40X60 Plots
Price Range Onrequest
Total Area 4 Acres
Total Units 150+ Units
Size Range 2200 Sq.Ft - 2900 Sq.Ft
Towers and Blocks Onrequest
Approvals Onrequest
RERA No Applied
Launch Date Onrequest
Possession Date 2028 Onwards

Purvankara Limited offers customers a risk-free payment plan for simple payments. Buyers must pay 10% of the total money due at the plot booking event. The remaining cost is then split up into smaller schedules. Taxes, registration fees, and stamp duty are not included in the base price. When the plots are registered, these costs will be paid, along with GST.

Purva Kensho Hills offers a regular payment schedule that may be made in instalments, which includes

  • 10% of the payment should be made as a booking amount.
  • 10% of the total payment should be paid on the offer of registration
  • 15% of the total payment should be paid within 30 days from the date of booking
  • 25 % of the total payment should be paid at the start of the roads
  • 20 % of the total payment should be paid at the start of the boundary
  • 20% of the total payment should be made at the start of the levelling.

Although the payment plan's exact features are still unknown, Puravankara Limited is renowned for providing various programs to improve customers' shopping experiences.

Purva Kensho Hills accepts the following possible payment methods:

  • Construction-Linked Plan: Project milestones related to construction are used to determine payment amounts. The payments are made in instalments as the construction is completed.
  • Plan for Down Payment:┬áThis plan provides an upfront lump sum payment with possible incentives or reductions. It offers financial advantages to individuals who can afford a substantial down payment.
  • Deferred Payment Plan: Clients can pay some amounts in advance and save the rest until they receive the item, providing financial flexibility while building a structure.

When the buyer selects and reserves the property, the payment schedule begins. The choice of unit is confirmed, and the required legal paperwork for the property is received upon payment of the booking fee. To ensure that everything is accurate, it is crucial to have a lawyer check these documents. This is a crucial step for all purchasers.

The group's projects enhance a smooth and appealing real estate investing experience. They demonstrate their dedication to offering a variety of flexible and accommodating payment alternatives. Amidst the group's legacy of providing financial solutions that prioritize the needs of its customers, keep an eye out for the announcement of the Purva Kensho Hills payment plan.

Purva Kensho Hills

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