Purva Kensho Hills Price

Unit Type Size Price
30 x 40 Plots 1200 Sq Ft Rs. 78 Lakh* Onwards
30 x 50 Plots 1500 Sq Ft Rs. 91 Lakh* Onwards
30 x 60 Plots 1800 Sq Ft Rs. 1.17 Crore* Onwards
40 x 50 Plots 2000 Sq Ft Rs. 1.30 Crore* Onwards
40 x 60 Plots 2400 Sq Ft Rs. 1.56 Crore* Onwards

Purva Kensho Hills plot price ranges from Rs. 78 Lakhs to Rs. 1.56 crore. The starting prices for the plots with 30 x 40 units measuring 1200 square feet and 30 x 50 units measuring 1400 square feet are Rs. 78 lakhs and Rs. 91 lakhs, respectively. Plots with 1800 square feet and 30 x 60 units start at Rs. 1.17 crore. The beginning prices for 40 x 50 units, measuring 2000 square feet, and 40 x 60 units, measuring 2400 square feet, are Rs. 1.30 crore and Rs. 1.56 crore, respectively.

Purva Kensho Hill's price list has been attached for your reference. The payment schedule and the cost sheet are also easily accessible. It will be thrilling to see Purva Kensho Hills in a variety of configurations. In this magnificent residential plot development, Puravankara Limited is committed to helping clients become property owners.

After considering all relevant factors, the price of Purva Kensho Hills in S. Medahalli is reasonable and worthwhile for all segments. Whether it's a 1200 sq. ft., 1500 sq. ft., 2000 sq. ft., or 2400 sq. ft. property, the prices are within market standards despite the brand value.

Price of Plots in Purva Kensho Hills

Price of Plots in Purva Kensho Hills

  • 30 x 40 – Rs. 78 lakhs*
  • 30 x 50 – Rs. 91 lakhs*
  • 30 x 60 – Rs. 1.17 crore*
  • 40 x 50 – Rs.1.30 crore*
  • 40 x 60 – Rs. 1.56 crore*

Purva Kensho Hills is an upcoming residential plot project with a launch price of gated community plots available for purchase starting in 2026. This property has received approval from RERA, and we will update the related RERA number shortly.

Investors and purchasers can reserve their dream plot locations in this expansive neighbourhood of their preferred size and dimension. Reservations for these plots are now open. Due to the rapid increase in real estate value in the neighbourhood, this is a great moment to invest since you will receive excellent returns.

Price of Plots in S. Medihalli

Price of Plots in S. Medihalli

S. Medahalli's on Sarjapur and Attibele Main Road is the best place to buy a well- constructed plot and high-quality residences in Bangalore's eastern region. The cost of real estate is very competitive here. Puravankara Limited looked at pricing trends before deciding on the right price. This enormous developer also helps customers realize their ambition of getting a house or a plot of land at the best possible price. The revised launch price of Purva Kensho Hills is fair and best in the market.

When we consider price appreciation, buyers are eagerly lining up to reserve their plots in Purva Kensho Hills, Bangalore. Plots in S. Medihalli range in price from an average of Rs. 5,580 per square foot to Rs. 7,854 per square foot, making it one of the fastest-growing residential areas in the city's east.

Purva Kensho Hills plots are luxurious yet reasonably priced for the amenities and specifications provided. The developers have enjoyed success by keeping plot prices moderate and assisting the community’s economic growth by achieving the best possible sale price.

Price of Plots in Bangalore

Price of Plots in Bangalore

Buying a plot in Bangalore is essential because of the significant rise in market value and demand for land areas. One can decide on the property's location and price range depending on their needs and family size.

The city is spread vastly in all directions, with many planned developments in prime locations. Bangalore will be the primary choice for purchasers or investors looking for a permanent residence.

Choosing a peaceful and moral neighbourhood in Bangalore to invest in and purchase a plot where one will have to live for the rest of their life. Within your budget, many developers offer ready-to-occupy apartments and plots in prime areas.

Depending on the location and developer's reputation, gated planned development prices in Bangalore range from Rs. 1 crore to Rs. 4 crores for an area of 1200 square feet. The initial price of the upcoming plots on Bangalore's outskirts will be Rs. 35 lakhs for a 20 x 30 plot with 600 square feet.

Payment Plan – The upright Decision by Puravankara Limited

Payment Plan The upright decision by Puravankara Limited

There are several ways to pay for investors investing in Purva Kensho Hills. The payment plan includes the down payment plan, which involves paying some money upfront and nothing more until the property is in your ownership. The developer discusses these ideas with the bank before making a decision. Depending on the customer's eligibility, the bank provides these options.

Different payment plans are available for this new launch property, Purva Kensho Hills. Puravankara Limited has provided appealing payment options to make it easier and faster for the developer to complete the sales.

Bangalore Real Estate Price Trends

Bangalore Real Estate Price Trends

Bangalore's real estate market is expected to expand quickly in 2024 due to new projects like Purva Kensho Hills in prominent locations. It is one of the most popular cities because it attracts many investors, first-time home buyers, and investors.

The location's future growth and long-term investment are something to consider while buying real estate property. Without a doubt, this city is the greatest choice.

Regardless of the circumstances, land prices have never decreased, indicating that Bangalore's real estate market has peaked. Bangalore's quick development has allowed purchasers to acquire the homes of their dreams.

Current Price in S. Medahalli and Price Trend

Current Price in S. Medahalli and Price Trend

S. Medahalli is a fast-growing Bengaluru neighbourhood with good road connectivity to major IT cluster areas such as Whitefield, Electronic City, and Marathahalli. It is one of the most sought-after sites for sales and is experiencing an increasing trend in the real estate sector.

The cost of residential real estate in S. Medahalli has increased over time. Based on current market trends, plot prices are more than Rs. 7,000 per square foot. A 1,200 sq. ft. property can be rented for Rs. 28000 and Rs. 37000.

The benefits of connection for residents of S. Medahalli have led to a sharp increase in demand for real estate. S. Medahalli is ideally located in the middle of the city's main thoroughfare, enjoying great access to the city in every direction.

Plots in S. Medahalli are excellent investments because most buyers choose to purchase real estate close to significant locations. If your primary intention is to invest or move closer to your business, the real estate pricing in this location is favourable. S. Medahalli is a serene residential sector in the city.

Cost Sheet – The Key Document for Decision Making by Customers

Cost Sheet The Key Document for Decision Making by Customers

Cost sheets for Purva Kensho Hills are available upon request. Complete the enquiry form to receive a copy of the price list and cost sheet with a breakdown of the Purva Kensho Hills price. The breakdown of your plot cost and the payment schedule are the two primary parts of the cost sheet.

The following components make up the all-inclusive apartment cost:

  • Agreement Value
  • Additional Charges
  • Stamp Duty and Registration
  • Base Price
  • Sale Value
  • Other fees include
  • Taxes for registration and stamp duty

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we take a bank loan to buy or invest in Purva Kensho Hills Plots?

Yes, you can get loans from all the national and private banks to buy or invest in plots at Purva Kensho Hills.

2. Why is the Purva Kensho Hills plot's price higher than the others?

This gated community comes with numerous cutting-edge amenities for your comfort and safety. Yet the prices are nominal for the facilities and development done on the Purva Kensho Hills property.

3. What is the Starting price of the plot in Purva Kensho Hills?

The starting price of the Purva Kensho Hills plot is Rs. 78 lakhs for 1200 sq. ft. and goes up to Rs. 1.56 crores for 2400 sq. ft.

4. Do we need to pay additional charges for Registration at Purva Kensho Hills?

Purva Kensho Hills does not have any hidden or additional charges. The cost sheet includes all the details, price breakdown, and applicable charges.

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